What are your ideas for the future of media?

From the first black-and-white TV box, to the latest HD 3D Internet TV technology. From the phonograph cylinder invented by Thomas Edison to the Apple iPhone made famous by Steve Jobs. From static showcased TV programmes, to on-demand and user-generated content. From traditional hardcopy newspapers, to instant-access digital publications.

Our media consumption patterns are continuously changing at an accelerated pace. The advent of the Internet has triggered a radical transformation of the old media principles. Yet, despite our technological milestones, despite our unprecedented degree of interconnectedness, and despite our increasing propensity for consuming information, we have yet to achieve our full potential. The future remains unknown.

In 1953, Ray Bradbury’s Farenheit 451 envisioned the future of TV broadcasting as a two-way channel, where viewers go live from the comfort of their own living rooms. In 1964, Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek envisioned media devices that we seamlessly use today, such as the tablet or the mobile phone. What do you envision now?

We invite you to look at the future and ask yourselves how will the evolution of media unfold. How will media look like in 10-20 years? How will media be consumed in 10-20 years? What are your ideas for the future of media?


We welcome your contributions, your ideas and inspirations on how the evolution of media will unfold. You can also vote on the ideas proposed by other people and engage with the community by commenting on their contributions. Join the discussion now.


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Experts Session on March 7

The media2mrw team is busy preparing for a session with experts on Wednesday, 7 March 2012, These experts can shape the media industry into the future and we will share your ideas with them. Stay tuned for an update!